Partner with Capability 360 as you grow and develop your workforce. We will identify and attract the right talent ensuring your company has the right people in the right roles to enable individuals and organisations to go further faster. …

Why Choose Capability 360?

Personalised Approach: We understand that every individual is unique, and so are your employee’s career ambitions. Our experts take the time to get to know your business, your sector, and your preferences to match you with candidates that align to your organisations growth plans.

Broad Network: We have established strong connections with high calibre candidates and companies across the whole STEM spectrum.

Streamlined Process: Searching for candidates can be frustrating and time consuming, but with Capability 360, it's hassle-free. We streamline the application process, provide timely updates, and concise feedback, meaning that you can focus on other critical business functions.



Capability 360 can provide valuable assistance and benefits throughout your job search process. We can help you to gain a competitive edge in the job market, access personalised opportunities, receive guidance, and basically simplify your job search process.  Below is a list of services we offer:

Job Matching: Our recruitment systems and personalised approach ensure that you're presented with roles that align with your skills, experience, and career aspirations.

CV Enhancement: Make your CV shine with our professional editing services. We'll highlight your strengths and achievements to capture the attention of recruiters.

Interview Coaching: Gain confidence and ace your interviews with tailored coaching sessions that cover everything from body language to answering tough questions

Career Counselling: Not sure which direction to take? Our career counsellors will guide you towards a path that suits your interests and goals.

Network: We work with world-leading business in the STEM sector from multi-nations to SME’s

Ready to embark on a new chapter of your career? Contact Capability 360 today to start your journey towards success! Let's shape your future together!


Capability 360 offers a range of services to employers to help them find and hire qualified candidates for their job openings.

Job Advertising and Posting: We help employers create compelling job descriptions and advertisements. We can also assist in posting these job ads on various job boards, company websites, and other relevant platforms to attract potential candidates.

Candidate Sourcing: We search for potential candidates through our extensive networks, databases, and online platforms. We use our expertise to identify suitable candidates based on the job requirements and your company's needs.

CV Screening: We review, and screen CVs submitted by candidates to identify those who match your desired qualifications and skills.

Interview Coordination: We can handle the logistics of scheduling interviews between candidates and employers. They may help coordinate interview times, locations (in-person or virtual), and ensure a smooth process.

Candidate Assessment: We provide assessment services, such as skills scans, learning style assessments and aptitude tests, to ensure candidates possess the necessary competencies for the job.

Background Checks and References: We can conduct background checks and verify candidate references to ensure the accuracy of information provided by candidates and to confirm their suitability for the role.

Negotiation and Offer Management: Once suitable candidates are identified Capability 360 can help facilitate salary negotiations and offer management between employers and candidates. This can help ensure a smooth transition from the interview stage to the offer acceptance.

Market Insights: Capability 360 has access to market insights and trends related to STEM industries and job markets. We can provide employers with valuable information about competitive compensation, industry benchmarks, and other relevant data.

Temporary and Contract Staffing: In addition to permanent placements, Capability 360 offers temporary and contract staffing solutions, providing employers with flexible workforce options to meet short-term needs.

Let Capability 360 streamline your hiring process and add to your pool of quality candidates.